Tour Package
$ 5 for 100 ml

Natural aromatic oils - may be the best gift that can be brought from Egypt. With their help, you can not only fill the house with scents that will last for a long time, but also replace all tubes and jars with various means for face and body care that are so familiar to us. In addition to all this, body oils can help get rid of excess weight, and will also serve as prevention from a variety of diseases.

Tour Package
$ 10 - silver. $ 15 - with gold letters.

Cartouche- This is an ancient talisman, which the Egyptians emphasize and endow with magical properties. Today, the cartouche is a sought-after souvenir, which is acquired by tourists from different parts of the world. Modern Cartouche is an original jewelry in the form of a pendant. But the cartouche is not a simple decoration - it is a charm. The Egyptians believe that he is able to protect his owner from the evil eye and damage. On one side of the medallion, in ancient hieroglyphs, the name of the person who wears it is applied. On the other hand, benevolent symbols are placed on the cartouche. The image of the scarab beetle, which brings happiness and gives good luck. Lotus bringing beauty and health. But the most revered sign is the all-seeing eye. It is believed that it protects its carrier from evil spells and unkind eyes, and also symbolizes eternal life and resurrection. Such a souvenir can be purchased not only for your memory, but also for friends and close people. Most often, gold or silver is chosen as the material, or they are harmoniously combined in the product.

Tour Package
$ 15 per kg.

Egyptian coffee will surely surprise you with quality and taste. Coffee beans are ground to flour and mixed with various spices. This gives the drink an incomparable taste and aroma. The most popular option is coffee with cardamom. Thanks to this spice, coffee acquires a savory taste and healthy properties. This coffee improves digestion, promotes weight loss, relieves cough, relieves fatigue, and alleviates toothache.

Tour Package
$ 10 per kg.

Karkade - called the drink of the pharaohs. In Egypt, this amazing tea has long become a national drink. It is drunk both hot and cold, optionally supplementing its sourish-sweet taste with various additives. Vitamins and microelements, which are contained in the carcade, improve immunity, increase the body's resistance to colds, reduce nervous tension, help lower blood pressure, have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and liver, contribute to better bile production, and have an antibacterial effect.